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Trouble Staying Up to Code and Avoiding Unnecessary Energy Costs?

Rising Standards in Construction Could Lose You Thousands

Thousand of dollars are on the line when it comes to poor leakage detection and failing to meet code during construction. Meeting these standards in air leak prevention is a growing challenge, especially as more and more complex houses enter the market.

Another difficulty facing builders is the inefficiency of the testing process. Leakage results aren’t typically available until later in the construction process. It is essential, then, to get feedback done early on so you can avoid the last-minute scramble of minimizing expenses.

This is where NOCO AeroBarrier comes in.

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Get Testing, Installation & Verification All in One Place

Going back and forth between multiple businesses will cost you time and money. Other blower door companies provide solely air leakage testing. NOCO AeroBarries takes care of the entire process.

We’ll test your home, treat the leakages with our breakthrough sealant, and conduct infrared technology verification to ensure we don’t miss a thing

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Face the Growing Challenge with Groundbreaking Technology

We temporarily install a blower door which allows us to pressurize your house from the inside out, giving us an idea of just how airtight your building envelope really is. Next, by spraying our waterborne acrylic sealant into the pressurized space, any leakages up to ½” are automatically filled during the depressurization.

The self-guided sealant is drawn into the edges of visible and invisible leaks. This creates a seal, not by packing the gap, but by accumulating evenly across the surface of the leak. The application takes about 60-90 minutes, drying before system clean-up is complete, and allowing construction to resume shortly after. The whole process is complete with minimal impact on construction schedules.

Our system also takes real-time measurements of the envelope leakage, enabling us to dial in the specific requirements and guarantee long-term results for maximally efficient heating and air conditioning. combat the problem at its many sources. After we’ve finished, you’ll be back up to code and in full control of your house’s energy output.


The Benefits of AeroBarrier

Measurable Results

The AeroBarrier application results are displayed in real-time. By incorporating a blower door, the system dials in leakage to your desired levels. Upon completion, we verify the final results to guarantee the application was successful.

Fast & Easy to Apply

The sealing process takes 60-90 minutes from start to finish. Prep and clean-up is minimal in new construction applications – usually taking less than an hour.


Say goodbye to continual caulking for pre-drywall space weatherization. No more caulking is needed to weatherize a space pre-drywall. With AeroBarrier technology, you’ll avoid endless guesswork, saving on time, material, and labor.


We simulate 50 years of use to achieve sealant durability performance in three primary areas: flexing, aging, and compatibility. When you use AreoBerrier, you can rest easy for decades to come.


Our sealant is GreenGuard Gold certified, with no off-gassing and Ultra-low VOC content. You’ll be able to easily resume work within 30 minutes.

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