Breakthrough Envelope Sealing Technology

Our Process


to Advanced Envelope Air Sealing


Prep & Setup

Prep the area by covering any openings that won’t be sealed. This includes taping or covering any designed openings or finished horizontal surfaces within the space. Emitters are then set up throughout the area to be sealed.

The equipment is then set up. This includes blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine


Pressurize & Apply

Using a blower door, the space is pressurized. After that, a computer controls the entire process including controlling the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant within the space during the process.


Seal & Monitor

With the AeroBarrier process you see results in real time. You have complete control over your desired level of air tightness and can achieve any level of tightness required. At the end of the process, a final blower door test is run to verify the sealing results. AeroBarrier then provides a Certificate of Completion that shows pre and post seal leakage.


Clean Up

After the sealing is complete, work can resume in the space within 30 minutes. At that time, clean up of all equipment and removal of all tape and coverings can occur.

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